BBQ Texan Banquet

A fantastic 6 Foot cinders BBQ includes a selection of the following

  • American style mouth-watering cheeseburgers, with soft melted cheese served with choice of onions and relish
  • Succulent and juicy old English sausages
  • Chicken pieces marinated in a special Chinese marinade for extra tasty zing
  • Spicy moist chicken and melted cheese sheikh kebabs
  • Lovingly marinated chunky ribs

Extra Dishes

  • Mixed Green Leaf Salad Comprising Lolo Rossi, Curly Endive and Lambs Leaf
  • Freshly made creamy coleslaw
  • Ripe Tomatoes layered with Mozzarella, dressed with extra virgin olive oil, Black Pepper & Basil
  • Rocket salad with Feta cheese and Red onions

Condiment’s & Sauces

All of the following sauces are available to add that extra flavour to bring out the zing of your BBQ:

         Homemade chilli sauce, American mustard, BBQ, relish, briskly fried chunky onions, tomato                        sauce,mayonnaise.

This Menu Includes:

A Hog Roast chef to prepare and carve your Hog.
Lay serving table with tablecloth and napkins.
All our refuse to be cleared away discretely and taken off site.

We Bring Everything We Need to Cater Your Chosen Menu With Us, All We Need From You Is To Tell Us Where You Would Like Us!

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